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Turbo Guide 2020

21 December 2020 -

The 6th edition of the DGTA Turbo Guide is out now! This guide contains information on the installed stationary gas turbines in the Netherlands, on- and offshore. It is a valuable reference list for feasibility studies for gas turbine related (marketing) research and policy development. READ MORE

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GT Minor

26 August 2021 -

Op 30 augustus gaat bij Inholland in Delft de GT minor weer van start. DGTA-leden zijn van harte welkom om hieraan deel te nemen. Voor meer informatie over de minor, klik op READ MORE.

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Other news


Power Engineering International

About Gas Turbines

The history of the gas turbine for power generation can date back to the beginning of 20th century when a British engineer, Sir Frank Whittle and a German scientist, Hans von Ohain, independently developed a gas turbine for aircraft propulsion. Also, in the same period, the first gas turbine for power generation was operational in 1939 in Neufchateau, Switzerland. Ever since, the explosion of gas turbine designs in the different parts of the world has never stopped.

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About DGTA

The Dutch Gas Turbine Association is a sector association for the gas turbine industry in the Netherlands. The association was established in 1981 with the help of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The main goal is to initiate, encourage and support a broad range of activities, with the aim to strengthen the technological, commercial and labour market position of this gas turbine industry.

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