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Sloecentrale B.V.

Sloecentrale,a joint venture of the French Energy Company EDF and DELTA, an energy provider of Zeeland origin, has only celebrated its inauguration at the start of 2010. However, within the Harbour area of Vlissingen-Oost it has already become a landmark due to its remarkable shape and bright green color.

The Sloe power plant consists of two units, each generating 435 megawatts and can have an efficiency of about 59 percent. The Sloecentrale takes four percent of the Dutch electricity for its account.

It is one of the most flexible plants in the Netherlands. By placing the turbine and generator on a single central axis it is very flexible. The power can be adjusted quickly and turned off completely, and even when turned off, it can be brought from zero to full power again in about 30 minutes. This makes Sloe Centrale world champion in start up, as far as plants of this size are concerned.

Green A gas-fired plant is greener because less CO2 is released during combustion. Only a nuclear power plant emits less CO2.

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Contact information

Sloecentrale B.V.

P.O. Box 5009

4380 KA Vlissingen

Contact person: K. van Driel

T: +31 (0)11 877 0000