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Rochem Technical Services

Rochem Technical Services has been serving the gas turbine and process compressor OEM and end-user industries since 1978 with in excess of 9000 gas turbine cleaning systems installed.

Rochem Technical Services is a worldwide company that designs, manufactures, markets and supports its own systems and chemicals on a worldwide basis.

Our gas turbine and process compressor cleaning systems and chemicals are available worldwide under the trade names FYREWASH® for on-line cleaning systems and KRANKWASH® for off-line/on-crank cleaning systems and chemicals.

Our patented cleaning system technology is based on our own unique atomising injection nozzle system designs and the broad range of wash skids to suit every make and type of gas turbine and process compressor.

We also offer a complete range of proven and approved compressor cleaning chemicals that can deal effectively with every operating and fouling condition.

Contact information

Rochem Technical Services

Contact person: Martin Howarth

T: +44 (0) 1962 890089