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N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

Gas is an important source of energy in north-west Europe. To get the gas to the end-user safely and reliably, we have a high-grade gas transmission grid. Gasunie’s customers use this grid to transport gas on to end-users and some end-users are directly connected to the grid.

All our activities are geared to facilitating the market. Both the industrial and the domestic gas markets in the Netherlands, Germany and further afield. This varies from providing gas transport to constructing new infrastructure and participating in new projects to develop new services. In all our activities Gasunie follows trends and requirements in the market closely. Gasunie’s aim is to be able to offer our customers the best standard of service possible.

Gasunie has two subsidiaries that manage the gas transmission grid: Gasunie Deutschland in Germany and Gas Transport Services (GTS) in the Netherlands. Gasunie also provides the market with gas storage facilities (Gasunie Zuidwending), the pipeline to England (BBL) and the LNG terminal Gate at Maasvlakte. In addition, Gasunie we facilitates and stimulates the green gas market through her daughter Vertogas. Producers and traders in green gas can use Vertogas for certification of their green gas.

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N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

Contact person: W.J.M. Keesom

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