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Nuon, part of Vattenfall, is an energy company that generates electricity and produces gas, heating and cooling, and supplies these to approximately 2.3 million households, companies and organisations in the Netherlands. Nuon also offers its customers energy-saving products and services.
Nuon aims to maintain a reliable, sustainable and affordable supply of energy. An important basis for this is achieving balanced and sustainable growth for all stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, the environment and society as a whole. The company has approximately 5,800 employees.

The power plants of Nuon use biomass, coal, blast furnace gas and natural gas as fuel for the large-scale production of electricity and heat for district heating in Utrecht and Diemen. Its total installed capacity in the Netherlands is around 3.500 MW and will grow to around 4.800 MW in 2013.

Gas turbines are an important part of Nuon’s portfolio in various applications.
Nuon has CCGT units in Utrecht, Diemen, Almere, Purmerend and IJmuiden. Whereas most of them use natural gas as their energy source, the latter use “special” gas, i.e. Blast Furnace Gas. The gas turbine is specially modified for this energy source.

Besides these existing CCGT’s, Nuon is building new CCGT-capacity In Amsterdam, Diemen and Eemshaven.
The capacity of the gas turbines, originated from various suppliers, varies from 28 to well over 250 MW.

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P.O. Box 8475

3503 RL Utrecht

Contact person: H.J.G. Bloemen

T: +31 (0)20 592 7414
F: +31 (0)30 247 2255