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More services BV

More Services is an independent company employing mechanical engineers. Our team members are flexible, all-round, and are deployable at new and existing projects regardless of time periods. These projects can vary from new erection sites, to overhauls, conversions, periodic inspections, maintenance, relocations and repairing of rotating equipment and related services.

We work with a diverse team varying from technical advisors to junior- and senior mechanical engineers. Because of our independent position members of our team can be placed anywhere where needed, in the Netherlands, Europe or elsewhere in the world, regardless the period, we are prepared wherever our manpower is needed.
Our aim in providing specialist personnel is to assist our customers, we do not limit ourselves to simply helping. We look at working together and sharing our knowledge. We think along with the client to achieve the best results. More Services has real knowledge in house and provides this with a high response rate, quality, accuracy, punctuality and above all else enthusiasm.

In the area of Bolting Solutions, torqueing and tensioning, More Services is an organization that looks for better solutions for your bolting problems.
Our aim is to provide added value by coming up with smarter, more efficient and better solutions. A solution must meet for us in at least two of these criteria in order to be interesting enough to apply. We see that a lot of bolting applications where it is possible to achieve major savings with a better-quality connection.
More Services is an independent, experienced partner at Field Service and projects for Rotating Equipment and smart Bolting Solutions!


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More Services BV

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