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MAN Energy Solutions

MAN Energy Solutions offers compressors, gas and steam turbines, and expanders for a broad variety of industrial applications – from single machines to large multi-casing trains.

Industrial Gas Turbines - Made in Germany
MAN Energy Solutions counts on more than two decades of industrial gas turbine experience and profound application knowledge. Our reliable, efficient and most modern industrial gas turbines are engineered and produced in Germany. They are used at small energy supply companies, independent power producers as well as in the oil and gas industry.

Power Generation
Many industrial processes are energy intensive. Thus often leads to an independent on-site power plant. To increase the efficiency of these power plants, processes can be combined to recover and utilize the heat energy in hot exhaust gases. Furthermore awareness of the need to save resources and reduce the greenhouse effect are the main drivers for cogeneration as well-known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP). MAN gas turbines are the heart of such power plants.

Mechanical Drive
Our robust and reliable industrial gas turbines are driving compressors and pumps in many countries around the world. They are installed across a variety of upstream and midstream operations in the oil and gas industry, for instance, in pipeline compressor stations or on offshore oil production units.

Portfolio MAN Gas Turbines

The gas turbine portfolio from MAN Energy Solutions consists of the THM 1304 gas turbines, which cover a 9 to 13 MW range

Proven. Reliable. Flexible.
The THM 1304 heavy-duty gas turbine family offers an extremely long life with a high level of reliability and availability.

The state-of-the-art MGT6000 gas turbine family with power outputs from 6 to 9 MW for both power generation, as well as mechanical drive applications.
This gas turbine combines the “Best of two worlds” – robust heavy duty and aero-engine design.


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