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Uniper Benelux N.V.

Uniper Benelux Maintenance is a company which combines the long-standing experience and unique maintenance know-how of two leading energy producers in the Netherlands and Germany. This expertise is available to customers in the Netherlands and abroad on a contractual basis. 

To guarantee maximum continuity in a plant, appropriate maintenance is essential. Uniper Benelux possesses unique maintenance know-how which can be invaluable when helping to draw up a maintenance plan. 

Uniper Benelux's maintenance know-how covers plants, components and systems, such as: steam turbines, gas turbines, diesel and gas engines, steam boilers, coal pulverisers, flue-gas purification installations, generators, measuring and control systems, heat exchangers, transport systems, etc. 

The company's wide-ranging experience has made it extremely versatile. One aspect of Uniper Benelux's versatility is the range of maintenance tasks it is able to carry out. Equally important is the drawing up of strategic maintenance plans and the setting out of maintenance concepts. Preparing modifications and condition monitoring also form an important part of the company's maintenance know-how. 

Co-operation with the customer is of the utmost importance to Uniper Benelux's working methods, so that together they can realise optimum operation. The result is maximum plant availability at minimum maintenance costs. 

Contact information

Uniper Benelux N.V.

P.O. Box 8642

3009 AP Rotterdam

Contact person: Yolande Verbeek

T: +31 (0)10 289 5711