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Ansaldo Thomassen B.V.

‘’Partnering in providing a Flexible, Reliable & Multi-Platform Portfolio to improve life cycle costs, reduce emissions, improve efficiency and extend lifetime’’

Together with our parent company Ansaldo Energia (Italy) and our sister companies PSM (U.S.A.) and Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf (U.A.E.), Ansaldo Thomassen (ATH) is part of the global Multi-OEM gas turbine services team. Combining the engineering capacity from our OEM expertise and background, coupled with the flexibility of an independent service provider, we are the leading high-technology aftermarket service provider for multi-OEM platform gas turbine power plants worldwide.

Based on a history of a long-standing and successful Manufacturing Associate Agreement with General Electric, Ansaldo Thomassen is today a full-scope gas turbine service provider with an extensive portfolio of innovative gas turbine performance upgrades, own designed and manufactured gas turbine spare parts, component repairs and field service capabilities. We have a full solutions portfolio to serve your GE Frame 9E, Frame 6B, Frame 5, Frame 3 and Frame 9F gas turbine service needs.

From our headquarters in the Netherlands and through Ansaldo Energia's local execution centers based in the United States, Asia and the Middle East, Ansaldo Thomassen serves customers around the world, offering:

• Conversions, Modifications, Upgrades (CMU): heavy-duty gas turbine solutions focusing on improving life cycle costs, increasing operational flexibility, reducing emissions, extending maintenance intervals, extending turndown and improving efficiency and extend lifetime including innovative retrofits for renewables such as combustion conversions, hydrogen operation, controls, fast starting and AutoTune
• Spare Parts: complete range of optimized gas turbine capital parts for hot gas path, combustion and fuel nozzles, including consumables for E-class and F-class heavy-duty gas turbines
• Repairs: refurbishment, assessment and lifetime extensions of heavy-duty gas turbine components and rotors
• Field Services: on-site inspections and overhauls, gas turbine relocation including installation and commissioning
• Service Agreements: offering gas turbine operators the flexibility to determine the level of scope, ranging from full service offering to frame agreements. Our service agreements are optimized to ensure total coverage
• Gas Turbine Remanufacturing: Factory re-built heavy-duty gas turbines with short lead time and lower investment
• Training: (Open) Training courses and customized education from specialists


Contact information

Ansaldo Thomassen B.V.

P.O Box 95

6990 AB Rheden

Contact person: Mark Kooister

T: +31 (0)26 497 5800
F: +31 (0)26 497 5857